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BVTCC Donington Park Pole Lap
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Experience the on board of the BVTCC drivers pole position lap. Starting with MTR Motorsport Jonathan Hoggard who took his first pole position of the season by 0.097.

Matt Richards leading the way
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East Midlands and Donington park host round 4,5,6 of the BVTCC. Brands Hatch kicked off the season in dramatic style as Matt Richards made history taking the first win for MG in the BVTCC. He repeated that feat in race … Read More

Mini Challenge
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Our Friday cup series returns from Friday 23rd February with a Mini Challenge season. Visiting some familiar and some new tracks the series is an ideal place for established members to enjoy some fun close racing and for new members … Read More

BVTCC18A Revs up
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The 2018 BVTCC is all raring to go as it set to be the most competitive seasons to date. Defending champion Chris English is back with his Gravel Trap Racing Team Ford Focus and is ready to do battle to … Read More


Our British Virtual Touring Championship (BVTCC for short) is our communities primary championship. We are the only PC sim based community to offer a full online championship based on the real world British Touring series including all the tracks,rules and race formats. We feature good choice of competitive and closely matched NGTC cars from ISI, PetraGTC and StrawmanAndy. Visit the dedicated BVTCC section for full details

rFactor 2

rF2 creates a dynamic racing environment that for the first time puts the driver into a racing simulator, instead of just a physics simulator. Changing tires, track surfaces, grip, weather and lighting make rFactor 2 a true challenge to any sim racer. The platform and the modding community allow us freedom to create the championships and events we desire.

Support Series

WSR runs regular regular support series all its members and for drivers looking to progress through our licence ranks and join the BVTCC grid in the future. Clio Cup runs fortnightly on Fridays and WVTCC runs on Sundays. Visit thier dedicated web-pages from the menu for more information

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