What is World Series Racing?

World Series Racing is a sim racing community first established in 2011. Our goal is to provide a friendly and fair environment for anyone to be able to enjoy sim racing in a non pressured and relaxed environment.

We consider ourselves a friendly community above all else without any desire to be a pro style league. By that we mean we do not aspire to emulate or compete with top level pro leagues which go against our philosophy's which are as follows

  • Emphasis and great racing and taking part, not winning at any cost
  • Provide a friendly and fair on-line racing environment.
  • Regular structured championships and events
  • Encourage open and supportive member interaction, coaching, set-up help etc
  • Strong race steward report and enforcement
  • Accessible mods that are fun, easy to drive but still a test to be the fastest

However at the same time we are not a console public forum or group lacking in respect for others or possessing a win at all cost attitude. We have members that are very fast who could compete at pro level, but don't want the hassle and commitment of pro competition and we also have members just starting out in PC based sim racing. We welcome all, the common factors are respect and love of good clean fun sim racing.

We are formed from a wide global membership base but with a strong core in UK and Europe. We welcome all ages but with most of our management team being guys with family, we do seek to cater for those with little free time 🙂

WSR has run structured championships as part over our history from GT, Endurance to touring car, In 2012 we started our first BTCC based series which was hugely popular and has remained our core series since. In 2015 we moved to rFactor 2 and established a community modding team focused on bringing BTCC content.



  • Ideal for anyone looking fair and competitive racing in a community atmosphere.
  • Free to join and participate
  • Focus on the enjoyment of racing regardless of position on the grid and treat everyone fairly.
  • We believe in an open and supportive environment and encourage intra team/driver support,
  • Set-up sharing and driver coaching for those looking for support coming up to speed.
  • We actively discourage so called "pro" teams that compete across many leagues in pursuit of results.
  • WSR is all about taking part and enjoyment of sim racing, not victory at any cost.
  • 24/7 servers and Discord channels


  • Friday and Sunday nights. Visit our event calender for upcoming events.
  • Events start at 21:00 (UK) Friday, 20:00 (UK) Sunday.
  • Our event duration is normally around two hours so as not to run too late for our European members.
  • We host our own 24/7 servers. Look for the WSR tags


  • BVTCC is our primary championship running two seasons per year based on the premier British national series
  • Support Series alternate with BVTCC running around three championships per year using Clio Cup, F4, Ginetta etc.
  • Weekly Sunday Cup races vary in type and style. WTCC, Porsche Flat6, USF2000 are examples of the different types
  • We also have occasional ad-hoc events


  • rFactor 2 is our primary platform for our championship based series
  • Dirt Rally provides off road competition with WRC style championships and RX fun events.
  • We also support Project Cars and Asseto Corsa for occasional non championship events.

WSR Staff

Exec Team Matthew Lewis – WSR Founder and owner Chris English – WSR Head of operations Tony Barker – WSR Head Steward Staff Michael Pitschmann – WSR Race Team manager Kyle Benton – Media Manager Matt Richards – Race event … Read More