Eligible WSR Licence grades

Pre-Season test - 14th Jul
Brands Indy - 21st Jul
Donington - 4th Aug
Thruxton - 8th Sep
Oulton - 22nd Sep
Croft - 6th Oct
Snetterton - 20th Oct
Knockhill - 3rd Nov
Rockingham - 17th Nov
Silverstone - 1st Dec
Brands GP - 15th Dec


2017 grid will be limited to 30 spaces. The format is similar to the real BTCC TBL system and works as follows

  • WSR to award up to 30 BVTCC BGL car licences with 2 reserved to use at admin discretion.
  • Teams may only make one driver change per car during the season.
  • Teams with vacant seats for more than two rounds will risk loss of the licence for the unused car.
  • Teams with seats becoming vacant mid season will be encouraged to recruit eligible replacements from within the BVTCC driver job market first.
  • New drivers joining mid season may seek to join existing teams holding a entry licence and a vacant seat, or wait until next free entry licence is available. A Driver Market forum thread will be maintained showing status of licences.

BVTCC will put more emphasis on teams and team management, each team will be granted their own forum group section if requested. That’s not done to encourage to pro style teams but to give members a bit of loyalty and pride to race for teams. Team owners will be encouraged to create team news stories in the WSR community and have a bit of fun with it.


  • All drivers must have registered on the WSR site and hold a Tier 2 or above WSR race licence.
  • All drivers must comply fully with our rules and regulations of the series and community available to view on the web page.
  • Whilst we welcome and encourage all abilities, Tier 2 licence applicants may be required to demonstrate they can lap within 107% of last seasons fastest race lap before being permitted to race. This will be need to be completed as logged laps on WSR BVTCC servers pre-event.

Application is not an automatic acceptance of entry into the BVTCC. WSR Admins will consider the following points in order of priority when confirming BVTCC Car licence offers

  • Existing teams completing two or more full seasons previously (automatic two car licence, subject to entry applications being made).
  • Teams owned by or running Superlicence drivers
  • Teams Owned by or running Tier 1 licence drivers (order by length membership and previous participation).
  • Teams owned by or running Tier 2 licence drivers (order by length membership and previous participation).
  • New members


Long serving teams (two seasons or greater) with two cars and drivers completing the previous season in full will be considered for a third car entry (subject to application and WSR management approval)

Please note that whilst the drivers all score drivers championship points, only the two highest finishing cars from each team will score team points