How to sign up

To join WSR there are a few steps to follow. This page will walk you through them but if you have any questions them feel free to use our contact form via the main menu

1 - Register a user on the website via the main menu or link to the right. Ensure you provide your full name, applications without this will be denied. A member of the admin team will verify your account, please be patient whilst this takes place as this is not an instant automated step. Duplicate accounts will be denied.

2 -Read our rules and regulations. These will form the basis of all conduct and participating in our community. If you don't agree with our principles and rules simply don't join 😉

3 - Join our Discord channel where general and series specific rooms can be found with server detail. Although our forums contain much of the key information, our Discord groups are far more active in discussion, banter and general community chat.

4 - Apply for a WSR race licence. This can be done via the licence application channel in our Discord. Navigate to this section and follow the instruction in the main pinned message . Full details of our Licences grades below.

WSR Licence information

Our focus is on quality rather than quantity of grids and by quality we mean clean, fair and respectful racers, not speed or success. We therefore welcome racers of all abilities regardless of experience and ability. We operate a tiered licence system to ensure only our fairest and cleanest members are able to compete in our premium championships such as BVTCC. It doesn't matter if you are challenging for the win or battling hard for 16th place as long as its done respectfully and your having fun.

Tier 3

WSR Entry level licence granted to new licence applicants. Permits entry to support races only

Tier 2

Second grade of WSR licence. Allows entry to support series and BVTCC but can be revoked back to Tier 3. Requires complete season of satisfactory support race running to achieve.

Tier 1

Highest standard WSR licence. Allows BVTCC entry and is secure license once earned (cannot be revoked). Requires at least two full and clean BVTCC seasons to obtain

Super Licence

Top level of WSR licence available, only awarded by WSR management as recognition for long term participation and fair / clean standards