What is the Stewards office?

The role of the Stewards Office is to monitor and police our championship events to ensure participation comply with WSR member policy and championship specific rules.

Who are the stewards

The Steward Panel is made up of long serving experienced members. The panel is open, anyone can apply to join subject to approval of the other members but is limited in numbers. Its led by the Senior Steward.

Who is responsible for picking up issues?

The drivers. Whilst the Stewards team do have access to race reports, replays and incident trackers, we cant have eyes everywhere all the time, or time to watch everything every participants does in replays.

Grievance Policy

Discussion of poor driver conduct, accidents and other forms of unsporting behavior is strictly forbidden on the race server and in the forums. Incidents have occurred in the past, arguments have been started and red mist has settled over subsequent races because things were allowed to get out of hand. Often the facts at this stage are incomplete and the accused party potentially has done nothing wrong. By avoiding this type of discussion in the event we avoid bad feelings and conduct that may result in damaging the enjoyment of the event by other members. It is permissible to describe that you were involved in a tangle but under no circumstances should you publicly identify anyone, directly or indirectly, who you feel has disadvantaged you.

Grievance Procedure

Correct course of action upon completion of the event is to carefully review the incident(s) you feel you were a victim of and then raise a report by clicking the report form link below within 48 hours of the incident. It is expected that you review your own replay prior to lodging a request to ensure that your complaint is justified. Should the incident be reviewed and we find that you were equally to blame for a crash or that at some point you had behaved in an unsporting manner, your case may be affected or you could attract penalty if appropriate. This is not meant to dissuade you from placing incident protests, but merely to make you think and assess fully before doing so. For example did the opponent stop and wait ,show genuine apology/remorse for the incident or do you honestly feel that the event was unavoidable? Drivers may be contacted by the Stewards to obtain alternate points of view. Appeals are welcomed however final decisions will be made by the Head Steward, League manager ordeputy Manager.

WSR track limit rules

    World Series racing competitors must observe and self police the following track limit rules which are enforced by the stewards. Two wheels must within or on the white lines at all times however there are key differences depending on the track edge as follows.


Standard Penalties & Reprimands

  • Causing an accident within lap one Red zone – 10 place grid penalty per incident for next event unless more than one instance in one event in which case driver cannot partake in qualifying for next event and start from pit-lane.
  • Cutting occasionally and gaining an advantage or not – event 5 second time penalty or enough to place back behind victim if positions changed. If set on fastest qualifying lap then pit lane start for next event.
  • Cutting consistently and/or no intention of making a corner – Official warning or penalty ranging from 25 second (drive though time equivalent) up to exclusion from race result.
  • Blocking, moving more than once in braking zone – Official warning, event 10 second penalty or time penalty to reverse position gain in results (at stewards discretion).
  • Gaining position or an advantage through unfair contact – Official warning or event 10 second penalty (if place not handed back)
  • Causing contact with another competitor resulting in their retirement or significant damage - Official warning up to 25 second time penalty (drive though time equivalent)
  • Unsporting conduct – points at stewards discretion depending on seriousness ranging from official warning to exclusion from results or league.
  • Unnecessary contact through lack of racing room - Official warning or event 10 second penalty at stewards discretion.
  • Unsafe rejoin to track from pits or off circuit / obstructing the track – Automatic race result exclusion
  • Failure to follow or comply with league rules/ethics – Penalty at stewards discretion depending on seriousness up to and including exclusion from results or league.
  • Bad language, disrespectful comments towards fellow members in any communication format – Kick from event or expulsion from league.

In all cases if driver receiving penalty does not finish the race,  a championship points deduction can be given.

Driver warning / penalty points system

Drivers can be awarded penalty points against their licence and can apply to all WSR competitions. Stewards can awards these in response to incident reports or replay reviews. These points are in addition to the specific event penalties such as grid drop or time penalty as detailed in the section above.

The stewards can issue the following sanctions.

  • Caution (No licence points) - This is a verbal warning given to drivers who have not attracted penalty but their actions came close, for example closing the door on another driver through lack of spacial awareness or racing incidents between multiple cars where no single fault can be applied.
  • Formal Warning (1 licence point) - Formal warnings are given when result of a drivers actions are more serious or when an event listed standard reprimand occur but is not serious enough to attract the full penalty. Formal warnings attract a single point per issue.
  • Penalty issued (3 licence points) - Three points are automatically issued for any full penalty issued from the standard reprimand list or any other action issued at stewards discretion.


Support series points

Drivers accrue points on their licence continually regardless of season. Accruing licence points carries further sanctions as listed below

  • 10 points - One race suspension
  • 15 points - One event suspension, no Licence Tier upgrade review after current active season.
  • 20 points plus - Barred from rest of current active support series season & Licence tier downgrade or league expulsion (if Tier 3)

BVTCC series licence points accrual

Drivers accrue points on their licence continually over a season. They are only reset at the start of a new BVTCC season. Accruing licence points carries further sanctions as listed below

  • 10 points - 10 place grid drop
  • 16 points - Prohibited from running in Qualifying and enforced Pit lane start for next event
  • 20 points - One race suspension
  • 24 points - One event suspension
  • 25 points plus - Stewards review for possible exclusion from remainder of the season