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WSR Rules & Regulations

World Series Racing (WSR) is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well being of all its members, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience for all.

WSR believes that it is important that members, administrators and parents associated with the Club should,at all times, show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others.

As a WSR licence holder or by participating in any of our communication channels, you agree to abide by the policies on this page:
All members must take responsibility in ensuring they are up to date with the rules, understand and adhere to them.
All members must respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of age, gender, ability, race, cultural background, religious beliefs or sexual identity.
Members should recognise the valuable contribution made by officials who are volunteers. They give their time and resources to provide sim racing for you.
All members must respect officials and publicly accept their decisions.
All members should be a positive role model, treat other competitors and officials with the same level of respect you would expect to be shown to you.
Members must not harass or intimidate by words, gestures, body language, or any type of menacing behaviour any other person.
Members must not have contact with another person in an angry, aggressive, or threatening way.
Abusive behaviour in verbal or written forms including profanity, angry language, swearing, name-calling, or shouting will not be tolerated.
Bullying of any sort will not be tolerated. Encourage everyone to enjoy the sport and understand that people have different motivations for taking part.
If a member’s behaviour, whether physical, verbal or by any other means of communication, has the effect of bringing WSR or sim motorsport into disrepute, WSR reserves the right to remove that person’s access from our channels.
Full real names must be used in server and all communication platforms.
Members are permitted to stream/broadcast WSR events however please bear in mind that all the above points regarding conduct should be applied to steams.
If using the WSR Discord channel for event communications, the member discussion should not be broadcast as part of your stream.
All competitors must apply and be awarded a WSR competition license in order to participate in our events by completing the license application form on

our Discord channel. More detail on our licenses can be found on “join us” page.

WSR reserves the right to refuse a license application or renewal.
The Admin board, by a majority vote, may expel any member who offends against the rules of the
Club or whose conduct, in the opinion of the Board, renders him or her unfit for membership of WSR
Car competition numbers selected or issued will be the permanent competition numbers for drivers in any WSR series or event. Selected/allocated numbers expire after 12 month inactivity.
  • Bronze – Awarded to all new applicants or members returning after more than two years absence. Entry level bronze license allows participation in all our cup series events and standalone specials
  • Silver -Awarded after sufficient participation in bronze events (4 minimum) having demonstrated required levels of conduct to the satisfaction of admins. Silver can be revoked if deemed necessary.
  • Gold -Awarded to long serving community members at WSR administrators discretion. Gold is given to member who have proven track record of clean and fair race conduct and active community members.


Unless otherwise specified, all WSR points scoring events follow a standard scoring system
  1. 20 points
  2. 17 points
  3. 15 points
  4. 13 points
  5. 11 points
  6. 10 points
  7. 9 points
  8. 8 points
  9. 7 points
  10. 6 points
  11. 5 points
  12. 4 points
  13. 3 points
  14. 2 points
  15. 1 point

Fastest Lap; 1 point
Lead a lap ;1 point
Percentage of race to complete in order to score ; 75%

Any other event following a different point system will have the information detail on the series specific page.


All events are listed in our website event calendar and all times are shown in UK time format.
Joining events varies depending on the  type of competition and will be detailed on the series specific webpage. As general guide however the following is the normal convention
Cup Events – All license tiers, arrive and drive on first come first serve basis
BVTCC – Silver and Gold license by pre-season Team or Independent driver application submitted by specified date. Mid season available drives may also be available via the driver market.
Where applicable or required, driver briefings will take place 5 minutes prior to schedules start of qualifying
All events hold a qualification session where at least one timed lap must be completed. Drivers no able to set a time must start from pit lane
Unless otherwise specified, qualification sessions are set timed with unlimited laps.
Should and qualification session be disrupted, WSR are no obliged to re-run the session and any admin decision will be final


Pitlane speed limit. entry and exit lights must be obeyed at all times regardless of server settings.
Drivers must not impede, block or deliberately make contact with regards fellow competitors

A driver may not have more than two wheels off the racing circuit. Drivers intentionally placing their cars as shown for a gained advantage be it lap-time or for position can expect penalties.

Cut markers- Some WSR custom tracks feature cut markers at key tricky corners as shown below. These markers can be identified as three blue markers in line and are the only exception to rule 5.3. Hitting the first marker in the green zone will not carry a penalty however orange and red zones carry incremental time penalties.
Drivers should allow enough space between themselves and the car in front.
Drivers not on a hot lap should move off the racing line when a vehicle approaches to allow them past on their hot lap. Blocking another driver or preventing them from completing their hot lap may result in a penalty. 
In the event of a faster car approaching a slower car but both are on hot laps, it is the drivers behind responsibility to pass safely or back out of the hot lap

A driver is to drive only within the confines of the track. Any driver found cutting corners / chicanes may attract a penalty. 

All World Series Racing events are standing start.
Cup events will be straight to grid followed by a formation lap.  Higher tier events such as BVTCC may feature alternate starts such as recon lap. These will be specified in the the series specific regulation event.

Formation lap: The aim of the formation lap is to ensure everyone’s FPS/lag is at a safe level. If a driver notices any FPS or lag issues on the formation lap it is recommended they would pull off safely to the side of the track and drop to the end of the line.

  • Drivers are responsible for their actions during the formation lap, and are subject to increased penalties for damaging other drivers.
  • Drivers shall maintain a safe but reasonable distance to other drivers, following the order based on starting position (drivers should alternate with the car to their immediate right/left, and should not be immediately behind the car ahead on the grid)
  • Drivers are expected to maintain a smooth pace under 100 kmh around the track.
  • Drivers are not allowed to stop or dramatically slow down on the formation lap.
  • Drivers shall not perform burnouts to warm up their tires or brake checks. This leads to accidents and does not significantly impact your cars performance.
  • Drivers who spin, or otherwise drop out of place in line, during the formation lap must not attempt to pass other cars in order to regain their place. In this circumstance a driver should safely blend into formation lap traffic or wait for the field to go past before rejoining track, then carefully make their way through the grid to their assigned starting spot.

Race is the most risky phase for incidents to occur. Races are not won on the first lap. There is a higher probability of ruining another drivers race by taking unnecessary risks on the first lap.


Lap one of every WSR race is classed as a Redzone. This begins with the formation lap and extends through the start of lap two.  WSR allows racing into turn one and during lap one but we expect drivers to exercise caution and restraint. Failure to do so carries severe penalty 



Restarts will only occur due to server malfunction. Otherwise, restarting a race is not an option.

It is a drivers responsibility to be ready on time for the race start. Equipment failure or wrong setup should be classed as a mechanical failure and a DNS (did not start) if unable to complete the race.

Racing Etiquette can vary and be viewed differently by different users. WSR has formulated our own guide for reference and should be understood by members.

Every incident as a result of poor etiquette is unique. Stewards use this guide to base their views on, however many factors can be at play so not every incident can be clearly defined by this guide. Stewards views take precedence in that situation.

To view this page please click here.

WSR Stewards panel is made up from of five long serving members to give independent review of issues, incidents and maintaining driving standards.

It is a members own responsibility to report issues and incidents they have been involved in and have impacted their participation. Incident reports should be done via the menu link.
We advise all members to watch back replays from all angles before all reports are made. Consider all points of view.
Incident reports must be made withing 48 hours of the event.
Stewards will only consider incident reports from drivers directly involved in the incident.
Stewards involved in a reported incident are not permitted to review or have input to that report. This ensures fair review of incidents.
Stewards give independent review of each event, feeding back analysis to the head steward.
In the event of difference of opinion between stewards responses, majority view applies. If no majority view has been found then Head Steward holds deciding view.


Drivers issued a penalty may lodge an appeal within 7 days if you have any other information, data or evidence not covered by replay that could give a different view of the event.
Appeals are only accepted from the driver receiving the penalty. Stewards will not entertain appeals from any other competitor involved or otherwise.