Updates to WSR competition licence and entry requirements.

Updates to WSR competition licence and entry requirements.

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As we strive to improve the quality of the racing experience (and give our stewards less work), we will be re-introducing a licence grade system for all members effective immediately. Throughout the six years of running the World Series community we’ve always promoted our group as a community to race as opposed to an all comers league open to all with lots of transient members. With added support series for members to participate in, the increased popularity of our primary BVTCC series and rFactor 2 as a platform returning to favour, now is the right time to bring back the licence structure system which will work as follows.

  • Superlicence – Top level licence available and only awarded by WSR management as recognition for long term participation and fair / clean standards
  • Tier 1 licence – Second highest licence. Allows BVTCC entry and is a secure license (cannot be revoked). Requires at least two full and clean BVTCC seasons to obtain.
  • Tier 2 licence – Third highest grade of WSR licence. Allows entry to support series and BVTCC but can be revoked. Requires complete season of satisfactory support race running to achieve.
  • Tier 3 Licence – WSR Entry level licence. Permits entry to support races only


Current competing BVTCC members will automatically be awarded Tier 2 or above licences as applicable to the requirement levels, Tier 3 will be awarded to all new members. It should be noted this new scheme is there to recognise fair and clean competition only and is not awarded based on how fast or how successful a driver is. WSR maintains its policy to welcome all drivers and abilities that can race clean and fair. Our primary BVTCC competition will be the pinnacle of that with only drivers that have been able to prove these abilities allowed to take part.

We have added a guide to our menu bar – http://www.worldseriesracing.com/wsr-competition-licence/

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